Company Dashboard: Contacts

This article will run through Contacts so you can easily get the overview you need.

Are you looking for information about Contacts option in the mobile app? Read more here: Understanding contacts

Contacts in the company dashboard are designed to give you an overview of connections your colleagues have made and shared. In this way you can see how the relational network of your company is doing. 


If you haven’t already, we highly recommend integrating Stinto with your CRM to get the information where it is most actionable.

Now you can browse the list and search for the contact you are looking for. In the full profile of the contact you can read notes of your colleagues and to access their marketing materials.

Colleagues on the team plan will also be able to access contacts and see the collected notes on a certain contact.


It is possible to filter on both contact status (manual/live) and date range, which helps you gain insight into contacts that have been made.

Card withdrawn

Live contacts can withdraw their connection. In those cases, you will see a tag indicating this. The contact will no longer be updated when changes are made on their end, but the last information will remain in the company dashboard and CRM.