What is Stinto?

This article will help understand what Sitnto is, how it works and how you benefit

At Stinto, we aim to empower every person to make stronger and more effective professional relationships. This is because we believe in the power of meeting people and building human relationships as a fundamental pillar of a healthy and prosperous society. Also, good relations are excellent for your business. 

For this reason, we have reimagined the digital business card to help you with in-person meetings. From how you represent yourself and exchange information to how you turn the encounter into a beautiful professional relationship, Stinto is with you.

How it works

  1. Create a beautiful digital business card
  2. Exchange with QR code or StintoTap card
  3. Make a voice-to-text note
  4. Send everything straight to your CRM

Benefits for individual professionals include

  • Make a great first impression
  • Easy exchange info so you can focus on the conversion
  • Don’t forget essential details with Voice-to-text notes
  • Save time getting contacts into the CRM
  • Remembering the conversation you had is a great compliment when you follow up
  • Take your network with you when you leave the company.


Benefits for organisations include

  • Building long-lasting relationships
  • Easy for employees to share insights
  • Save time with our 100% digital process for handling contact data
  • Preserve leads even after employees leave your company
  • Minimise data decay with self-updating contact information in your CRM


Sneak Peek v2@3x

The challenge with business cards and social networks

The fundamental problem hasn’t changed since the dawn of time: how to make meaningful relationships. But in the business world, we only have paper business cards and social networks to help us. Unfortunately, neither fully satisfies the needs of today's professionals. 

Business cards can only contain so much information. If they are not part of the 88% of business cards thrown away within a week, your new contact must manually type your information into their CRM system. And, you do have to do the same with theirs…

LinkedIn is great at what it does, so don’t delete your account.  But it doesn’t change that new encounters tend to drown in the many connections and distractions of the platform. And if you need their email or phone number in your CRM, you must write them a chat message and wait for their answer.


Searching LinkedIn:

"Great, let me connect on LinkedIn."

"Was it Steven Johnson or Stephen Jansson?"

"Sorry, how do you spell it?"

"OK, I got 36 results. Which of them are you?"


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