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Getting Started as a Company

This article will take you through the steps to create a company account, from which you can give your employees the tools to create relations that strengthen your business.


We will go through:


Inviting employees

Ordering StintoTap cards

Setting up integration

Recommended next steps

We offer onboarding packages for enterprise clients.

1. Sign-up

  1. To set your company up on Stinto.com > click Get Started and select the Company Account 
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and fill in the information
  3. Type in the verification code that is sent to your email
  4. Once verified, you can log in
  5. Add Logo
  6. You now have the choice of Start using Stinto or editing the company card



2. Inviting your collegaues

Now it is time to invite your colleagues to join Stinto. You can add them to a Team plan enabling sending contacts to CRM, and access to company marketing materials, or leave them as free plan users.

You can invite in bulk by going to  Employees > Import Employees (recommended) or one by one under Employees > Add employees > search their emails or click Add Manually

They'll get everything they need in their inbox. 


Read more about inviting employees here


You are now up and running 🎉

3. Ordering StintoTap cards (optional)

If you want the best contact exchange experience when your employees meet contacts, we recommend giving them StintoTap cards. StintoTap lets them tap the recipient's phone to show their Stinto card and exchange contact details, instead of asking them to scan a QR code. This is a better experience for all.

Ordering immediately allows us to send them to you as quickly as possible.

StintoTap works with all user account types. 

We allow you to order StintoTap cards with or without your branding. Don’t worry we’ll confirm that the technical aspects are OK before we start printing them

The option to order is at the top right corner of the company dashboard.

Stinto works perfectly fine without StintoTap!

4. Setting up integration

As your colleagues build valuable relations for your company, we recommend making that valuable information available in your CRM with an integration. 

We offer integrations through Zapiers directory of 6000+ applications (including, HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive and many others) or building your own with our Open API 

Read more about Integrations options here

Recommended next steps

Marketing Materials

When your employees create their own cards, you can help them by making materials available to them through the Marketing Materials. 

Managing employees

Going forward you can get an overview of your employees, send onboarding reminders, change user rights, make bulk edits and the like from the Employees tap.

Read more about managing employees here.