How to add manual contacts

In this article, you will learn the different ways that you can add manual contacts

We’ll go through adding manual contacts by:

Business card scanner

Manually entering

Good to know


Manual Contacts have not joined Stinto, so their info will not update if something changes. Likewise, they won't have the information on your change e.g. jobs.

Manual contacts are created with the business card scanner or by manual entry.


Live Contacts also use Stinto, making sure you can continue your relationship with the updated contact information on each other. And contacts new information also gets into your CRM - pretty sweet.

Exchanging contact details with StintoTap, QR or your Stinto link will allow new contacts to become live contacts, if they wish.


Read more about this here

Manual contacts can be converted to Live contacts if a contact of yours joins Stinto.


Business card scanner

If a new contact of yours gives you a traditional business card, you can scan it with our business card scanner.

  1. In the app go to Contacts > ➕
  2. Choose Scan business card from the options
  3. Place the business card within the white frame and take a picture
  4. After a short while, you can validate the information and click Save contact


Pro tip

Once you save you can add a quick voice-to-text note, so you can remember those important details later.


Manually entering

Sometimes you want to copy information from somewhere into Stinto. This is how you do it.

  1. In the app go to Contacts > ➕ 
  2. Choose Manually
  3. Fill in the information
  4. Hit Save contact