My StintoTap doesn't work

This article will list the most common causes StintoTap card doesn’t work and how to resolve them.

What is StintoTap? (link)

Not tapped the right place

StintoTap is read in different places on iPhone and Android devices

Tap at the very top when the screen is on
Tap on the back of phones with NFC enabled


Tap Illustration color@3x


iPhones from 2018 and Androids from 2017 or later, are generally able to read StintoTap cards. This covers the vast majority of phones you'll be tapping.

If tapping fails, the QR code can be scanned instead

No internet connection or NFC is not enabled on the phone

The root of the problem may be with the device it is being read on.

Ensure you have an internet connection and that NFC is enabled.


For all newer iPhones NFC is always enabled, except when:

  • the phone screen is off
  • the airplane mode
  • the camera is open
  • the flashlight is on
Make sure that the phone is not in any of these modes.


To ensure NFC is enabled go to Settings > search for NFC and enable NFC if it is off.

Phone not compatible

All recent phones are compatible with the StintoTap card, but Android phones may need to enable NFC.

List of compatible devices

StintoTap is not activated

StintoTap cards need to be activated through the app to work. If you haven’t already please activate your card.

Check if the (correct) card is activated

  1. Go to the app and then MyCard > Settings (⚙️). 
  2. If the the button is toggled on (green) a card is associated with your account. 
    1. If the button is off, you can activate the card
  3. Click the StintoTap menu point (not the button) and you’ll see an ID number
  4. This number should match the ID on the physical StintoTap card
  5. If the numbers don’t match, you don’t have the right card.

You can read about how to Activate your StintoTap card here.