Using Materials

Raising funds? Upload a Picthdeck. Launching a new product? Show a video. Searching for your next job? Upload your CV. You can upload materials that will be available on your MyCard for your new connections and network to see.

Are you a company admin needing information on marketing materials in the company dashboard? Read this (link)

Your network can always see your material uploads in Stinto, and contacts that are not yet on Stinto can access them through the email we sent them right after you connect with them.

How to upload materials

  1. In the app go to My Card > Edit
  2. Scroll down to Materials 
  3. Tap an available spot to upload your material
  4. Users on the team plan: your company may have made the material available for you to select from.
  5. Hit confirm when you are happy


Formats supported (tbc)

  • Images: .PNG, .JPG, 
  • Docs: PDFs
  • Video: .mov, mp4 (only on paid plans)


The uploaded materials are now part of your card; your contacts can access them there.