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What are the requirements for custom design on StintoTap cards

If you are about to design a sleek new StintoTap card with your organisation's branding, these are the design considerations and specs you need.

All custom StintoTap cards will be printed on white PVC credit card-size cards

Design considerations

It is important to remember that StintoTap cards stay with the Stinto user, so you should not design them like a traditional business card. 

Front of card: 
We recommend not including name, phone and other information than the company brand, as all this will be shown when the card is tapped and saved.
Back of card: 
Create a white box, minimum 25x25mm, for the unique and required QR code to be printed on the back. Again, we recommend not including name, phone and other information that might change and the card will be outdated.

Print file specs

Please Send the following files
  • High-quality PDF files
    • Size: ID-1/CR-80 (85.6 × 53.98 mm) 
    • Colours: CMYK
    • Minimum 600 dpi
    • Include information on Matte or Glossy finish
    • Include bleed
  • Include .ai files if possible
  • You may need to send the font if the printer does not have the font already
You'll get a confirmation of the print design will be sent for your approval before printing.