Which user rights are available?

Employees that you have invited to join your organisation can have different user rights for the company dashboard. Let's walk through them.


User rights are different from the Stinto plan a colleague has.

Viewing access

Users with viewing access to the company dashboard can only view the contacts that have been shared with the company, and read the associated notes. This is great for knowledge sharing if an integration has not been set up yet.

All employees are given viewing access as the default. 



Admins can:

  • Invite, remove and manage employees
  • Order StintoTap cards
  • Upload marketing material
  • Handle payment methods
  • Make changes to the company card
  • Manage the integration
  • Change other settings


The account owner can do all of the above but is also the contact for Stinto. The user that created the company account will be the default owner.

A company account cannot be without an owner.