Working with your contacts

The view of a contact card is packed with features designed to help build a relationship with them. This article will list all the features and how to use them.


Their contact details.

Your contact has listed all the contact information and likely also their social media links and materials.

To ring, text or email them, simply press their email or phone number and the respective app on your phone will open up.

Add to CRM

If you have a CRM set up, you can send the contact details into the CRM with or without notes. This saves you from manually entering the contact information and notes into the system.

Just click Add to CRM > decide if you want notes transferred or not.

All future changes to contact details and notes (if selected) will automatically be synced to the CRM.




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Voice-to-text notes

You can record voice notes that are transcribed into text. It is the fastest way to offload all your thoughts and get detailed notes, that you don’t want to forget. 

If you share the contact with your CRM, these notes will also be transferred



[did we build it?]

Within a note, you can also add a reminder so you don’t forget to follow up.

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Simply set the date or pick a predetermined time.

[Are reminders also synced to the CRM]

Request update details [did we build it?]

If you’re never unsure if the contact details of a contact are updated, you can request that they verify their information. This not only helps up, but also the rest of their contacts.

Once they have validated or updated their contact details this will be reflected in your CRM