Stinto integration options

As you and your colleagues expand your network and make notes, you likely want this valuable relational data in your CRM too. Integrations allow you to do this.

You can integrate Stinto with Zapier or through our open API. Read more below to see what is the best option for your company.



Zapier provides integrations for 6000+ apps and services in a relatively easy-to-use workflow editor right from within Stinto. This means that you will likely be able to create an automated workflow that sends shared contacts straight to your CRM. No coding experience is needed!

Zapier has a free plan allowing 2-step workflows and 100 tasks a month. This will do the job for many of you, but it is good to know that 3+ step workflows and some integrations require a paid.  

Read about setting up integrations with Zapier here.



Open API

If you want to build your custom integrations with your stack, that is possible through our Open API. 

This API allows Stinto clients to integrate their Stinto account with their internal systems. The API contains methods to extract details about all Stinto contacts available to the client.

Clients may specify a webhook URL, which will be called whenever contact data is added, updated or retracted.

Access to the API requires a Stinto-issued client ID and a client secret. If you do not have these, contact your Stinto account manager.

Stinto API Documentation